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Calligraphy is about creating something uniquely beautiful, hence the Greek translation, "beautiful writing". Kallos offers an unrivaled experience to master this fresh modern lettering style. Breaking down the fundamental calligraphy process into simple steps, Kallos allows anyone to learn to create their own stunning works of art.

Kallos, a fully self-contained calligraphy set, is a package design concept that focuses on the multipurpose use of its container. Utilizing quality materials, Kallos is a sensory experience that unfolds to the delicate intricacies of modern calligraphy.

Included in the all-in-one kit are:

- one walnut straight nib pen holder
- one oblique nib pen holder
- set of two #101 Imperial nibs
- #513 EF Globe nib
- Higgins Eternal black ink
- cleaning cloth
- lettering booklet and paper
- maple ink and nib container with pen rest
- maple display case


copyright Daniel Kim 2022